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Thread: Gentoo users: emerge help

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    Gentoo users: emerge help

    I used to use Gentoo 1.2, and I really loved it. Everything was hitch-free, plus highly customizable. Now I"m trying to get back into the Gentoo world, and I'm afraid I'm having very little luck. I've tried to emerge both gnome and kde, and neither one is cooperating. I typed "emerge gnome", and went to work. When I got home, it said everything was done. A quick list of /usr/bin/*gnome* revealed only three or four items with the word "gnome" in them. On top of that, gnome-panel, gnome-media, and gnome-network weren't installed! Similarly, I typed "emerge kde" and went to bed. Went to work the next day (KDE takes forever), came home, and it told me that it was done. There's no start-kde executable on my system. In fact, there are almost no kde-related binaries kicking around. /usr/kde/3 exists, but apparently qt isn't installed.
    Anyone have any ideas on this one? I'm using fluxbox right now which is all good and fine, but I want gnome and kde!

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    Re:Gentoo users: emerge help

    Never heard of that problem before - are you running ~x86 ?

    try emerge kde -p and see if it really wants to install all the packages... also the files should be in /usr/kde/3.1/

    env-update && source /etc/profile
    might help update your paths and stuff so portage doesn't get confused, you might have forgotten something during the install, or gotten a bad portage tarballl

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    Re:Gentoo users: emerge help

    env-update and source /etc/profile made some progress. Now at least I can see the binaries. Unfortunately they're not all there. /usr/kde/3.1 exists, but when I do an emerge -p kde, I get a HUGE list of packages that are still to be installed. Ah well...let's try it again and hopefully it'll do its job this time. Thanks for the help Lovechild.

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    Re:Gentoo users: emerge help

    Maybe you hit an ebuild error, maybe due to over optimization.... it happens every now and again.

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    Re:Gentoo users: emerge help

    Thanks for the help, lovechild. Helped me through a few of the bumps. Turning off all my optimizations helped me over two speedbumps while compiling KDE. Unfortunately, docbook-sgml-utils coughs and dies regardless of my optimizations, and it's neccessary so that I can get both Gnome 2.2 and XMMS. I'll see if KDE builds successfully. If I can get 3.1 up and running, then maybe I'll stick with it for a while. If the build fails spectacularly, then looks like I'm back to the world of Debbie again.

    In the meantime I've been playing with Waimea. I must say I'm quite impressed!

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    Re:Gentoo users: emerge help

    Hardware problem maybe, I can build kde3.1 with no problems what so ever here - despite my insane cflags.

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    Re:Gentoo users: emerge help

    Check your make.conf file for the proper USE flags such as "kde qt" etc....
    There is a fix for the docbook-sgml-utils problem located here. It works. I had a hell of a time getting Evolution or anything Gnome to emerge.

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