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Thread: Shorewall firewall

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    Shorewall firewall

    I finally figured it out and understand how to configure it. Webmin has a nice GUI interface for it. Once you understand the concept, it's a breeze to set it up (reading the documentation really helps ;D).

    Ok, I'm back to Earth now ....

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    Re:Shorewall firewall

    Yep, Shorewall can really simplify some complicated setups
    as well with the filtering. Tom is a pretty good friend of mine,
    and LEAF "Bering" has been using Shorewall for over a year now.


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    Re:Shorewall firewall

    If you're looking for the nice GUI to manage iptables then try That was an eye-opener for me (I have a lot of Checkpoint background and wanted to set up a linux firewall without digging deep into command line syntax)

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