I'm running Mandrake 8.2, 2.4.18. (This happens on two computers, same OS)

Reading /var/log/boot.log I find following line:
feb 13 20:44:43 edgar rc.sysinit: Mounting loopback-filesystem: succeeded
Feb 13 20:44:43 edgar setsysfont: findacm: no such file or directory
feb 13 20:44:43 edgar rc.sysinit: Setting system font: succeeded
I'm translating from Swedish in some places. (This is a problem: the GUI must be in swedish for my kids, but I would prefer system & error messages in english - at least not mixed swedish/english! Can it be accomplished?)

There are a some lines concerning sysfonts & sysfontacm in rc.sysinit, but system fonts is not the problem?
Searching all files & directories in & below /etc/ for the string 'findacm' doesn't give me anything.
Is this a real problem or could I simply ignore it?