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Thread: SuSE 8.1 Professional

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    SuSE 8.1 Professional

    I have been using RedHat 8.0 for a while and like it very much but I have decided to try a different flavor. I bought suse and thought to give it a try. I was just wondering what the suse users like or dislike about this os. I have not tried it long enough to formulate an oppinion yet. One thing that I noticed is that when trying to add software from the cdrom via Yast I could not seem to get it to recognise the cdrom when asking for a cd. Do I need to do mount cdrom every time it asks for a new cd? Any pointers with suse would be appreciated.

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    Re:SuSE 8.1 Professional

    I am back to SuSE 8.0 Pro (not by choice, it was the only thing within the last two years that I still had laying around). I must say, the final opinion hasnt been made (prolly buy 8.2 when ever it is released, providing its before RedHat 8.1). But I like RedHat more. Seems more polished or something ...

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