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Thread: Change Swapfile Size

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    Change Swapfile Size

    Ok, here's the deal. When I installed Slackware 8.1 I had 256MB of ram and I created a swap partition of 126MB. Now I have 512 megs, (actually I just got another module so I'll have 768).

    I'm noticing now looking at GKrellm that I have 233 megs of physical ram available, but my swap only has 11MB free right now. I'd like to increase the size of my swap file, but it is a separate partition, and I've got the whole disk filled with partitions.

    Is there a way to change the size of the swap without having to wipe everything clean and repartition and re-install everything?

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    Re:Change Swapfile Size

    have a looky at - i hope your partitions are ext2/3

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    Re:Change Swapfile Size

    I think the boot and swap are ext2 but the rest are reiser

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    Re:Change Swapfile Size

    Can you give us a summary of your partitions? (ie. "df -h&quot

    Maybe gnu parted can help:

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    Re:Change Swapfile Size

    If I were you I wouldn't bother to resize partitions on my harddrive which always bares the risk of losing data. 768MB is plenty of RAM and you swap partition size is fine as well. But if you absolutely want to have more swap size why don't you just create a swap file in addition to your partition and see if it ever even gets touched.

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