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Thread: USB mouse ?

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    USB mouse ?

    Hehe. This is kinda weird but here we go.

    I installed debian from, then I downloaded the 2.4.20 kernel and configured it and compiled it and booted it up.

    My USB mouse didnt work with the vanilla debian installation with 2.2.20 (?) kernel. So, I assumed that usb support wasnt compiled in and I wasnt going to setup the modules for it if I was going to upgrade to 2.4.20.

    So, I compiled the usb stuff in the kernel. I compiled in the following :

    USB support
    Support for the usb filesystem
    input device support
    uhci support
    hid support
    mousedev or whatever it is in character selection (dont remember the name of that option off the top of my head ;D )

    I compiled in all the usual stuff that I usually do, but it has been 6 +mos since I compiled a kernel.

    So, I think everything is all square so I

    cat /dev/input/mice

    because Debian already had stuff in /dev/input but it didnt work so I just removed /dev/input and then recreated it.

    mkdir /dev/input

    then I made the node

    mknod /dev/input/mice c 13 63

    and then I did a

    cat /dev/input/mice

    and nothing happened when I moved the mouse. no gibberish nothing.

    The log shows that my usb mouse is being detected but I am kinda cluleless why im not getting any kinda of input from my mouse, the mouse works so I know its not a hardware problem

    Any suggestions? ;D

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    Re:USB mouse ?

    i used gpm to configure my mouse under debain. it worked pretty well, seems like there was a sym link to /dev/gpmdata...

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    Re:USB mouse ?

    Oh, that sounds like what my problem is. I think I have gpm installed so if gpm is installed all I did was delete the sym links to /dev/gpmdata.

    Thanks Paul, you're my hero ;D

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