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Thread: Images in tiff format

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    Images in tiff format

    Certain sites that I visit require the use of a Tiff viewer that supports Group IV compression. Of course, the one suggested is for windows. I have debian installed with as few frills as possible. I do not have Gnome or KDE. Xloadimage has worked for most images in the past and is supposed to work with Tiff images, but apparently does not work with Group IV compression. I have been unable to find a viewer where Group IV compression is even mentioned. I would appreciate any suggestions.
    Thanks in advance

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    Re:Images in tiff format

    I usually use gqview and never had any problems. However, I've got no idea what Group IV compression is. Can you provide a link to one of the images you have trouble viewing? That way people can test what programs work...

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    Re:Images in tiff format

    Sorry, I did not think of that. The site that is giving me trouble is the Library of Virginia. Here is a link to one of the pages. If I click on the page number, I should be able to view that page.

    Thanks again

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    Re:Images in tiff format

    mozilla loaded the image for me w/o and extra image viewer. what web browser are you using?

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    Re:Images in tiff format

    Okay, I was a little too quick asking for help. I need to back off and find out what I have wrong. I assumed that the Group IV compression mentioned was my problem. ( Mainly because I have no idea what that is ). My browser is Mozilla Debian Package 1.0.0-0.woody.1. When I click on the page, Mozilla tries to open it with xloadimage and fails. I also have tried gimageviewer and it fails with that, too.
    I need to study this a bit more. Thank you both for the help.

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    Re:Images in tiff format

    I tried opening it with display (image magick and gqview) and both wouldn't work. Then I realized that the files I downloaded from that site all have 0KB. They are empty. I tried all eight of them. I tried different browsers or wget, I always get an empty file ???

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    Re:Images in tiff format

    It took me awhile to get the link to this site yesterday, as I kept getting an error that their server had timed out or couldn't connect. I think the problem may have been at that end all along, since I am now able to download and view the images with xloadimage. The other day, I was probably also getting an empty file and wasn't sharp enough to realize it. All I could see was that Group Compression IV thing they kept warning me about. Apparently, that is no big deal.
    I would boycott this site for making me look foolish, except they have stuff that I want, and I am not proud.
    Sorry for the trouble, and thanks again.

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    Re:Images in tiff format

    Hmm .... worked fine for me yesterday though not on mozilla, worked perfectly under konqueror( 3.1.x ). Mozilla kept b!tch!ng about something( error /tmp/something.tiff not found ) so just switched to konqueror and tiff image displayed correctly.

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    Re:Images in tiff format

    The URL you posted with the tiffs in the links opened just fine with Electric Eyes under Gnome. You can get the sources here:

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