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Thread: Locking down a Kiosk/XTerminal

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    Locking down a Kiosk/XTerminal

    So I've got these old P75s with a minimal install of Slack 7 - just enough to boot, get a network connection, start X, and get XDM from a "real" machine.

    Only user on the XTerminals is root, with a long, complicated password. All user accounts (xterm1...xtermN) are on the master machine - but if possible I'd like a single username/login to be used on all the XTerms.

    How can I lock down the users once they login to the master machine and start a Gnome (or KDE, or BlackBox) session? Ideally I don't want them mucking around with adding/removing panels, applets, changing settings, etc. I've already set passwd to only run for root, but I need to figure out other ways of preventing students (gotta hate the students) from doing things I don't want them to.

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    Re:Locking down a Kiosk/XTerminal

    Hmm. Maybe this isn't really practical. Just a thought: If they don't need write access to their home dirs, that's easy enough. Just mount the home directory read-only and create files for only those directories that absolutely have to be accessed writable (like browser cache) and mount them loopback under /home/<user>/<writeable dir>

    If they generally do need write-access to their home directories do it the other way round. Figure out what files you want to stay the way you put them there, create a filesystem container and mount it read only. Actually I just got a better idea: use chattr -i on the files you want to remain unchanged. Do this as root but keep the ownership of user.usergroup that way the files will be immutable and any attempt to write to this file, delete it or even link it will result in a permission denied error.

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