Okay so the wife and I are standing at the kitchen door tonight and I mention I would love to start a business. Since this two horse town does not really have much to offer in the computer business (3 stores and one is a Radio Shack) and I like to futz with computers I am thinking wow a computer store that does not look like an oversized swap meet, clean well lit and well stocked with current equipment.

Now my problem, I can't very well just run out and grab some office space and start buying stuff from newegg and reselling it. So how does one go about getting on the good lists at such places as AMD, INTEL, MS, RH, Mandy Slack etc and Memory places, and of course Moboard and Drive and Linksys, SMC etc? I guess I just get in the flintstone mobile and peddle my rear to these companies and say Hey I opened a business, can you give me stuff? Yeah Right.

Any suggestions on the logistics of this business?

Oh and recommendations on certifications I am leaning towards A+, RHCE, MSCE