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    Just out of curiosity why do you hate Gnome so much? I find it to be an extreamly well rounded modular desktop that looks beautiful when themed. You must make me understand!

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    I've just gotta say it, I love GNOME (Okay, I hated GNOME 1.x but 2.x just r0x0rs ) Sure, KDE is still cool but I like GNOME much more.

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    It's ugly, it's badly designed and the developers are dicks...

    have you ever tried reading GTK source??

    It's pure hell, there are forms of sexchange operations I would rather have performed on my body than be forced to code GTK crap.

    And by choosing the modular way they have lost all sense of consistent look and feel... there's not a single thing about the GNOME desktop I find pleasing... It's slow, buggy and ugly - that's about it.

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    I really do like the way they've designed the desktop. KDE often looks much too busy for my tastes (ever tried konq with a full array of toolbars? There are four rows of buttons!). I find Gnome to be much cleaner and simpler. As for bugginess, to my understanding this has been addressed in 2.2.

    "It's slow"...coming from a KDE user????

    Yeah up until recently I also hated Gnome, mainly for its severe lack of features. But they're being put in and put in well at an astonishing rate. It's incredible how quickly they've built a robust desktop from scratch. Yes, Gnome 1.x was kak. I tried to like it, but just couldn't. However I find Gnome2 to be absolutely beautiful.

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    [quote author=Lovechild link=board=21;threadid=6321;start=0#59660 date=1044789132]
    and the developers are dicks...

    That could be said of the KDE, Kernel, or any other project.

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    [quote author=Lovechild link=board=21;threadid=6321;start=0#59660 date=1044789132]
    have you ever tried reading GTK source??

    I will admit reading GTK source is pretty weird .... especially the way some of the developers write their code with huge areas of whitespaces inside a function!

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    I also think that Gnome is a little more cleaner (professional) looking that KDE. KDE seems as if its merging with the XP interface at times...

    Im forced to used KDE until I can find a cd burner that works better than KreateCD, which will not work properly in Gnome1.4 for some reason.

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