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Thread: You know why I still come here?

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    Re:You know why I still come here?

    *Kernel_Killer cheers to Ashcrow

    "Adult Swim forever!!!!!!!!"

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    Re:You know why I still come here?

    [quote author=Rastar link=board=17;threadid=6332;start=0#59772 date=1044911000]
    [quote author=Lovechild link=board=17;threadid=6332;start=0#59763 date=1044903348]
    Consider yourself forgiven my son... oh and as a peaceoffering, I would like some hot young female geeks

    Lc, you have proven time and time again that your bios is not compatible with females regardless of geek level. Sorry I can't help. Perhaps has a solution?

    It's not that I'm incompatible with females, I do great with females when I'm just talking to them.. but once I show the slightest interest they do a 180 on me - females are very illogical.


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