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Thread: Open Source Myths

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    Open Source Myths

    Here is a link from /.

    If I may quote our fearless leader mcangeli, "Well"?

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    I would say that more choice is better because it was a mechanism (for me, at least) to learn more about the choices that are available. That's a good thing.

    Also... What's wrong with a Linux newbie having a bloated system, at first anyway? Whether that's a good thing, or not is a function of how much poking around the newbie will do on their new Linux system, is it not? The more experimenting a person is willing to do, the more stuff they can have on their system to play around with (providing they have the system resources to deal with it all). Then they can begin to trim and purge as necessary.

    I agree with most of the rest of the article though.

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    Absolutely snct, for the first couple of years using Linux there were programs that I didn't even know existed, then again there are still alot like that. For a beginner, I say give them as much as their system can handle and let them uninstall the ones they find they aren't using.
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    what does snct mean?

    btw, i think the article a crock of shit, and I emailed him as to why. Below is a link to my reply.

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