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Thread: ez squid howto

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    ez squid howto

    Any one know of any ez squid pet type of a thing...

    [moderator abuse note] I fixed the spelling of your subject

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    Re:ez squid howto

    [quote author=gmoreno link=board=4;threadid=6328;start=0#59719 date=1044850591]
    [moderator abuse note] I fixed the spelling of your subject

    What did I do wrong? They I have a cus word on the subject?

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    Re:ez squid howto

    squoid was the way sqiud was spelled, hopefully someone who knows the answer can more easily find out now it is clear and the way you wanted it.

    As for my answer to your original Q -- not really, and I looked about 15 months or so ago. The docs are REALLY good, but not sufficient for my skills at the time. Or I missed something obvious..

    oh and about the moderator abuse note, thats a joke .. err intended as a joke I should say :-[ must be too tired and sober ...

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    Re:ez squid howto

    well at first I thought it was cloverm but Later on I realized that it was you and then i thought it might be something of the sort...

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    Re:ez squid howto

    I had squid set up a while ago as a transparent proxy to be used with my iptables script. The best documentation I found was that provided by squid itself.

    I will admit that the first few times I read through it I was confused, but in the end, it all made sense.

    I wished I could tell you more than that, but I have since forgotten just everything I once knew about squid.

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    Re:ez squid howto

    ok thnks guys.. I think I got the very basics configured.. I

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