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    My back hurts. I blame it at the ergonomicaly correct chair at work. But I am so affraid of telling my company because they have a fame of not paying for workmens comp doctor visits. So I think I will just go to a chiropractor but I wondering what is it that they do and whether it is pain full.

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    It's usually not painfull ... it's generally just adjustments after they look at the bones and stuff. I use to go to one for my ankles and the guy did something and I've been fine ever since ... didn't even hurt just felt really weird.

    Oh yeah, my medical Dr. said I needed to take celebrex (or something) for the rest of my life and I'd be ok but the Chiropractor said that it was just that my ankels were not lined up in the sockets correctly and that was causing the pain.

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    I go as often as I can afford my $20.00 USD Co-Pay, the plan I am under even allows for Massage treatments (WAY COOL). I have been to two different Chiropractors, one used a moist heat (first) the other just drop kicks your spine. No not really but does do some manipulations on a really cool bed. I have never had it hurt and I am a big guy 240lbs+, I have had it hurt afterwards but that is because I did not drink plenty of water and do the things he said, I believe I got up and played golf. I never fly overseas without first seeing him and normally I see him soon afterwards.

    Chiropractors have come along way since the bone crushers of yester-year. Go see him/her and relax. You dont have to go back..



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