i am having a bit of an dilema... Intel or AMD

my mb and processor are now three years old and, like last year i am hoping to get a new MB and processor.

since i have owned computers i have always purchased AMD processors (well, i did buy an intel 486 way back...). and they have always been good - except for the crashes i had before the AMD cpu lockup fix was revealed, plus some NVidia/VIA issues.

which brings me to my delimia... while i wish to support AMD i can't say i care for any chipset manufactors out there. i have the following choices
VIA - kt400/kt333 pretty good, but have had issues, i know they have
SiS - have not used them, heard bad things and don't plan on using them.
NVidia -nforce2 looks good but nvidia has closed source drivers for the chipset as well as their cards from what i can tell.

Intel makes great chipset and the pentium 4 is not bad, not quite as good as an athlon XP from what i see, but they do run cooler and i think playing with hyperthreading would be neat. intel also seems better at working with the linux crowd than all of the aforementioned groups. what are your thoughts? articles to read?