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Thread: NEC 4x4 CD changer and linux?

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    NEC 4x4 CD changer and linux?

    I've got a IDE NEC Multispin 4x4 cd changer I was thinking of putting in my linux box (RH 7.2 running kernel 2.4.19, plus a few other upgrades) and I was wondering if linux supported cd changers? Like can I have all 4 discs mounted at once so I can throw 'em up as samba shares? Keep in mind that the box won't run X (mouse doesn't work) and probably shouldn't anyway as it's my firewall/NAT box for internet access. (what better use for a K6-300 with 196 Meg of ram?)

    Not quite a linux newbie, but not quite a expert with it, i'm somewher in the middle (just somewhat lazy as most of my confugation is done with webmin where possible)

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    Re:NEC 4x4 CD changer and linux?

    From what I gather from what I have seen, you might get it working. IIRC you end up treating it as a SCSI device, and each cd tray is a different partition on that device.


    Thats what I recall.. The redhat lists are rather bare, and what has been said is that some work some dont.

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