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    Now this sucks.

    I've been runnng my own web and email server from my DSL line for a couple of years now. I noticed the last couple of days that some of my emails bounced back. I thought I just had an incorrect email address. I got one back tonight with a link to I found this on that page:

    Your mail has been rejected because it has been sent direct from a mailserver running on a dialup or other dynamic IP listed in the PDL (Pan-Am Dialup List) blocklist at

    We block mail from known dialup pools and other dynamic IP blocks, due to the ever present risk of "direct to MX" spam originating from spammers running bulkmailer software equipped with smtp engine capablities, and "remailer" virii such as Sircam and Klez, which have their own smtp engines to remail copies of

    Please set your mailserver up so that it sends out mail through your ISP's mailserver, or through any other mailserver with a static IP address that you have access to. is an excellent
    resource which lists the steps required to set up a "smarthost" in several mailservers.
    So they are blocking out any dynamic IP address, even though it is totally legitimate, just because SOME son of a bitches abuse it.
    This is not right! I wish I could do something about it.

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    Add outblaze to the blackhole list ;-) The horrible thing about this is that there are many, many legit dynamic IP sites. For instance, in my area companies can get Road Runner Buisness Class, which has a dynamic IP but is ment for webserving, email and other net related services without paying for a T1.

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    While I do understand that this is frustrating, I can also understand their reasoning. There are so many misconfigured email servers from dial-up users out there that help in spreading spam and virii. Now, I know this is a little less of a geek factor but you can easily configure your mail server to use your ISP's mail server as a smarthost and send all your outgoing mail there. Provided your ISP's mail server is configured properly this doesn't give you any less functionality in handling outgoing mail and you can still receive mail using your own server. The same applies to the case Ashcrow mentioned.

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