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Thread: Hard Drive Failure AGAIN!

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    Hard Drive Failure AGAIN!

    Hello all, can someone try to explain why I cannot keep a HDD running longer than 18 months under Linux? Is it linux, is it that it is running 24/7?

    I have managed to trash the following drives just in case anyone had a recommendation.

    Seagate (X2)
    Maxtor (X2)
    WD (X2)
    latest one was a IBM DTLA-30504

    None of these were media fail related all internal parts....

    On another note, the IBM drive was in the system that got struck by lightning. I replaced that motherboard with a MSI K7 Turbo2 and since day one I could only get one of the iDE channels to work.... Did not matter if I took two working devices from ide0 to ide1 not recognized. This board has been replaced 4 times with the other 3 being resold working just fine. All parts except the HDD (IBM) were swapped including ram, powersupply cd rom, cd-rw. I am now wondering if the IBM was going flaky back then and caused the problem?

    I am in the process of deciding whether to upgrade my moboard and ram. I would like to keep the CPU Athalon 1.0 gig but am looking for a faster bus and better ram.

    On the hard drive issues any suggestions?
    I am also curious to learn if the 7200 rpm has to be supported on the Motherboard or is it a drive deal. I understand the board has to support the ATA (33/66/100/133).

    Okay I know there was more to this than the title said but.. You cant accuse me of padding my post counts ;D

    Thanks everyone....


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    Re:Hard Drive Failure AGAIN!

    Wowsa. That's a lot of hard drives. Makes me wonder if maybe it's something else. Have you checked your line voltage? Voltage across the hard drive terminals? You said the board has been replaced a few times, so it's not your mobo. Have you replaced your power source?

    EDIT: Just read did. Well check the voltages anyway.

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    Re:Hard Drive Failure AGAIN!

    From what I understand 7200RPM is only useful if you have ATA100 or better, but I could be wrong

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