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Thread: Debian Kernel Compiling

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    Re:Debian Kernel Compiling

    Does anybody know how to recompile the current default kernel, which is 2.4.18-bf2.4?

    Since I can't seem to compile a newer kernel, maybe I can the current one. I need to recompile to get sound support.

    When I looked in /usr/src the current kernel is not listed there, where is it listed?


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    Re:Debian Kernel Compiling

    [quote author=GhostDawg link=board=2;threadid=6285;start=0#59646 date=1044760272]When I looked in /usr/src the current kernel is not listed there, where is it listed?
    You need to install the kernel-source package (apt-get install kernel-source-2.4.18). Or grab the old source tarball from However, I don't see a reason why 2.4.20 wouldn't work other than that you forgot to include some sort of driver at configure time that you need in order to boot the system. You said something about not being able to read the partition table. Also I see you've got BSD installed on the third primary partition. Could you possibly need support for BSD disklabel (under File Systems -> Partition Types). I thought this is only needed so you can actually mount the BSD partitions but maybe including this helps.

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    Re:Debian Kernel Compiling

    I don't quite know what's going on anymore. I manually compiled 2.4.20 and when I went to boot for the first time I got the error message...I'm getting the same type of error message even when I installed Slackware 8.0. It keeps showing error about can't read the root partition. For Debian the partition is ext3 & Slack is ext2.

    I believe I checked & double checked the kernel and don't see anything wrong, but I'm go check it again just to sure.


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