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Thread: failed dependencies

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    failed dependencies

    o.k. I am trying to install Tuxpaint on Mandrake 8.3

    I got all of the required libraries installed except for


    i get an error libpng3-1.2.4-3mdk conflicts with libpng3-1.2.1-6mdk

    I can't remove libpng3-1.2.1-6mdk is needed by libpng3-devel-1.2.1
    which is in turn needed by kdevelop-2.0.2-10mdk

    will someone kick me in the right direction on this one? any hints as to what I can do to solve these dependencies would be greatly appreciated

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    Re:failed dependencies

    I dunno about this one specifically, but you should definitely get apt4rpm (just do a google for apt and rpm). Apt-get is a beautiful util for just these kinds of issues.

    Sorry...dunno about those specific dependencies. Usually when I saw a msg like that I simply accepted the fact that I was fucked.

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    Re:failed dependencies

    I figured it out, it was a simple solution, i
    rpm -U both of the libpng rpm's on the same line
    $ rpm -U firstlib secondlib

    it worked itself out and Tuxpaint is up and running...

    I am looking into your tip on apt4rpm now...


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