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Thread: Apache and IIS?

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    Apache and IIS?

    This is just a question to check my methods... It really isn't Linux related, but I suppose since Apache is involved I can ask ;D

    I have a Windows NT 4 Server running IIS right now. If I install Apache on the same machine but bind it to port <insert any unused port here>, will I have any odd issues running two web servers? I shouldn't as long as they are on seperate ports correct? (Different Web Root, Process, Port...)

    I am pretty sure all will be well, but since this is a production server, I just wanted to check.


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    Re:Apache and IIS?

    I,d say you're probably okay.

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    Re:Apache and IIS?

    I figured as much. Thanks

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    Re:Apache and IIS?

    I'm actually running IIS 5 and apache on the same machine. you can share the same root dir as long as they are not editing their content at the same time( what happens then ????) You have to run them on different ports of course. You can run apache as a service as well. look at the docs. I'm not sure about IIS 4 but IIS 5 is very easy to use but I don't want to use it because of security issues. Running apache is a little more trouble some but, worth the peace of mind.

    of yea, make sure you figure out how to run apache with a restricted-priviledged user. and set the permissions on your doc root so this user has read-only rights.

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    Re:Apache and IIS?

    I turned off IIS when everyone left, then I installed and started Apache. Stopped the Apache service then changed the port to 8080. Done. Start IIS / Apache. Life was good. I now also don't have to interupt users when they are using the other web server to update PHP etc. I also got PHP downloaded and installed within 5 minutes which was nice

    As to what would happen if something was editing content at the same time.... Wouldn't happen unless they files were opened for shared access (which is silly). So one process would just puke and say "couldn't get a file handle" or whatever.

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