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Thread: Port 80 closed after 11pm

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    Port 80 closed after 11pm

    For some extremly stupid reason the adminstration at my old school decided to block access to the internet via port 80. So some of my buddies are asking me for help. I am wondering if there is something I can do so that some how access web sites after 11pm by some how accesing it through my server through like port 11 or 81 or something like that. Any ideas?

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    Re:Port 80 closed after 11pm

    Try port 8080 to see if they blocked that one as well ;-) If they knew what they were doing, they'd have done that , too.

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    Re:Port 80 closed after 11pm

    Here's the problem. They blocked it at the outgoing requests to port 80. If you get the main server to re-route port 80 to your desired port, then you would be fine. You could also see if thereis a way you can tell DNS servers to forward to another port also. There might be another answer, but not one I'm aware of.

    Another option though, is if they didn't block incoming requests to port 80, you could always try to try to do a connection share with someone over a rogue port.

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    Re:Port 80 closed after 11pm

    If SSH port is open, give them accounts and install w3m.

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    Re:Port 80 closed after 11pm

    they were able to access my friend's site
    I guess I could possibly be a dns server. But that wont give them freedom to go to any and all sites. I don't think they would be a fan of a text browsers. The guys at my old school are not to technical inclied... I was thinking maybe they could like got to my url which would be like on port 81 and then from there browse sites through me somehow...

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    Re:Port 80 closed after 11pm

    yes you can setup a proxy server. a proxy works like this, their computer goes to yours which is outside the firewall, on say port 81.
    your box connects to the website and then sends all that data back to your friend.

    look into squid or just http proxy at

    good luck

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