Ever had to use Windows, and told yourself, "I wish that I could do this like I would on Linux"? What do you think Linux has that Windows doesn't?

This Is What I like:

1.) The feeling that the desktop is yours, your personal working space, not the place where you have to work around.

2.) I love in Linux when you triple click a line of text, it selects the whole line. Simple, but timesaving.

3.) APT. Should I say any more?

4.) Mozilla just feels so much better under Linux.

5.) The people that use Linux are nicer.

6.) OpenOffice 1.1, AbiWord, KDE, Quanta Plus 3.2!

7.) The feeling of accomplishment when you first compile your first program. Damn that was an amazing feeling. My first program that I compiled was WINE 2002xxxx.

8.) The Linux desktop just looks so much better!

9.) The fact that I have never had a BSOD on Linux.

10.) I got Linux to work on a damaged piece of hardware that Windows just refused to run on. It had a faulty Mobo, bad ram, and errors on the hard drive!

11.) If you want to use the console, you can. If you want to use the GUI, you can!

12.) That sound that Windows XP plays when it starts up and shuts down sounds good only once. How many people can complain with that high fidelity ogg sound that Knoppix plays when it starts up?

13.) Microsoft has nothing to do with it, so screw the monopolising companies.

14.) Linuxfoo!