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Thread: Apache questions

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    Apache questions

    Alright everyone I got, what I would consider, a wierd situation. I am running a stock RH8.0 box using Apache, Perl, PHP, MySQL to name the important stuff.

    My first problem is this: When I try to go to the directory ~/mcdougrs/clarkson/tc444 I get an access forbidden error (Error 403) from Apache. BUT when I log onto the box and do an ls -al on the clarkson directory it shows the tc444 directory with the following:

    drwxr-xr-x 3 mcdougrs mcdougrs 1024 Dec 24 17:17 tc444

    It looks to me that I have the right permissions SO just to make sure I do a chmod 755 tc444 and still get this error. Can someone please suggest a solution.


    I did have another problem but that was when I had the above directory(ies) in the web root folder... It wouldn't parse my perl programs. But I now gotta wait until I can get back into that directory so I can see what it is that it is doing.

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    Re:Apache questions

    Ok I may have found my own problem, but I don't know enough about the solution to do it yet.

    I think the problem is in the httpd.conf file, specifically these lines:
    # Disable autoindex for the root directory, and present a
    # default Welcome page if no other index page is present.
    <LocationMatch "^/$>
    Options -Indexes
    ErrorDocument 403 /error/noindex.html

    But that looks like it is just for the root directory... I'm not trying to access the root directory (am I?). Root directory meaning DocumentRoot?? Or root directory meaning like ~mcdougrs/ or ~mcdougrs/directory ??

    So do I need to just comment that section out to be able to get a raw directory listing? Or in my case access this directory? If I do would that make my vulnerable to being seen if for some reason the index.html file gets renamed/deleted? I guess thats not so bad because if I do want to block access to the raw folder listing I can just put a blank index.html file in there.

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    Re:Apache questions

    Ok well I tried to comment those lines out anyway and restarted apache and then I still get the error message if there is no index.html file... So that doesn't look those lines are the problem

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    Re:Apache questions

    Just a wild stab in the dark here....what if you chmod 777 the directory and see if it still gives errors, that way you can at least narrow down weither or not it's filesystem permissions.

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    Re:Apache questions

    Tried the chmod 777 but that didn't work either. So I played around a little bit and put in a blank index.html and WHOLLA no error message... :-\ So I'm definately thinking that it is a httpd.conf issue now.

    So one of the other things I tried was to look at a perl cgi page and it won't parse the perl :-[ (I had to specifically type the name of the page in the browsers address bar.) I'm wondering if it is a config thing in mod_perl. I'll investigate a little farther and let you know what I find.

    Not sure what to tell ya... There is the line in the httpd.conf file to load the .conf files in the /etc/httpd/conf.d directory. In that directory is the perl.conf file... not much in it but the load module line. :-\

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    Re:Apache questions

    I hope that the files are still not set with rwx perms for all. :P

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    Re:Apache questions

    [quote author=Kernel_Killer link=board=4;threadid=6228;start=0#58979 date=1044020441]
    I hope that the files are still not set with rwx perms for all. :P
    Nope I did remember to change it back ;D

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    Re:Apache questions

    I cant even get this script to run...

    print <<EOF
    <head><title>Perl test cgi</title>
    This is a test
    Did I miss something or is there a new way to get perl cgi scripts to run?

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