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Thread: Viewing email ads on an LDAP server

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    Viewing email ads on an LDAP server

    Is it possible to view all emaill addresses on an LDAP server using outlook, outlook express, and eudora? i've already tried '*,.*,*.*,@domain, everything but it still doesnt work. Do i have to tweak something on my LDAP server or is it really outlook* itself?

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    Re:Viewing email ads on an LDAP server

    You can definatly do it. Simply go to "accounts" in your "tools" menu and then set up your properties for the LDAP server location and the user's log in credentials (In Outlook Express there will be an option for "Active Directory," in Outlook 2002, there should be an option to "Add a new directory or address book&quot. I have done it on Outlook 2002, but never on Express, but it is possible with both. I did find out, however, that for log in credentials you do have to use the user principal name ( to connect to the LDAP server unless you can make a NULL connection. Email addresses must be filled out for each user in AD before you can see them in Outlook. (If the email address is blank, the user will not appear). AD distrobution lists should also appear. I'm have been doing this for Outlook 2002 and sendmail on my Win2k domain and it works awesomely. If you are running exchange, things may be a little different. AFAIK, Exchange makes some changes to AD that may effect outlook. I have zero exchange experience, so I really don't know.

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