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Thread: Network help for a total idiot (being me)

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    Network help for a total idiot (being me)

    I got a 7 port Coax hub (mm bnc), had dad make up a couple cables, thinking that it would be kind of neat to have a home network. But dad says that I would have to get it running with my old machines before he would let me put a network card in his box and get the internet through it. So I setup a 486, it has a wee 8 megs of ram, an amd 80 Mhz processor, and a Diamond Stealh Pro and a Dlink 220. It is running Windoze 95 (Setup using Dads P3) and wont boot anything over 512 Megs(LBA aint supported I guess), and now its time to set up another machine, so I grab an almost identical motherboard(only with a ZIF - thank god), pop 8 megs of ram in it, pop an intel dx2/66 in it, pop my Etherlink III in it, and a controller card, hook up a Caviar 280 (tiny 81 meg hard drive) running Grey Cat Linux 3.0 with the aid of loadlin. Well oh shit, I have run out of Floppy drives and had no extra cdroms (unless you count those damn panasonic and mitsumi, non-ide, 2x shit).. So, what can I do? Windoze has TCP/IP, and IPX and NetBios all installed, and GCL - well I have no idea. I may be able to get another floppy drive so can someone recommend a good distro for my purposes? btw, I am putting an *old* modem in it for internet access, and I want to connect with the Linux box, and browse with the win95 box.. Anyways, I just need some sort of idiot-proof guide

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    Re:Network help for a total idiot (being me)

    Well to connect the boxes I would reccomend TCP/IP as your protocol. Then all you need to do is setup each machine with the following info to talk to each other.

    1) IP address. This can be whatever. But keep each unique and on the same subnet. For example, since you are going to have less than 254 computers, I would reccomend a class C subnet. That is an IP where only the last octet will change. For example :: can talk to192.168.0.2 thru And teh subnet mask will be

    2) Physical connection. This sounds stupid, but since you said BNC, that requires a complete circuit. Turning the computers off will kill the connection. Its not quite as simple as CAT5.

    3) If you have a gateway for accessing the internet, this will need to be supplied. In networking you have your local subnet (as mentioned previously) and then everything else. To access the "everything else" part, there needs to be a gateway to tell it and make it talk.

    4) And if you dont have DNS, and would require it (like for getting online and surfing) you will need to tell the computer any DNS servers that you have or the ones that your ISP uses.

    There is alot more than what I have mentioned. There is a 2000 page book that covers this sitting in my bookshelf behind me. Its called Network+. Get one from the bookstore for a complete reference and tutotial.

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