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Thread: For the studing crowd

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    For the studing crowd

    Personally I crank up Jimi when studing, to distract myself from the world... So far my new technic has worked perfectly... nothing but me, my book and Jimi to take my attention.

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    Re:For the studing crowd

    I study beer. But not homework ...

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    Re:For the studing crowd

    My studying consists of looking over my notes 5 minutes before class. I wouldn't really call that studying.

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    Re:For the studing crowd

    Music is mandatory. It just isn't right to study in silence. :P

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    Re:For the studing crowd

    Depends. If I'm doing calc or algebra or something like that, it's all silence. But if I'm working on my compiler (practical stuff, once I've worked out all the theory), unfailingly we have Thievery Corporation cranked with Kruder and Dorfmeister (for those of you who appreciate electronic, these two groups OWN the industry), and the ganga is burning constantly.

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    Re:For the studing crowd

    On the rare occasion i study there's generally some music pumping.

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    Re:For the studing crowd

    you gotta listen to music while you study, if you dont you arent human ;D

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