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Thread: search? why use search?

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    search? why use search?

    i really like this forum but i cant understand in the time ive been here why the search option has never been really useful.

    old threads ive looked for by putting in the exact name of the thread, AND the username came back with nothing repeatedly.

    for example, i just put in the word mplayer. nothing more, nothing less and it comes back with zero results. why is that?

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    Re:search? why use search?

    Check the bottom of the search page where it says:
    Max Age since last post:
    Increase the number of days to let's say 1000 (that's what I usually do). That should give you the results you want.

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    Re:search? why use search?

    I always use 9999 ... anyway that is usually why I cant find anything.

    I forgot to change it from 7 days ago.

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    Re:search? why use search?

    ahhhh, better. retarded me. thanks.

    now if i can just get a straight line of just threads when you search.....that would be perfect. thanks again.


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