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Thread: Distro for very old Hardware.

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    Distro for very old Hardware.

    I have a 486dx 66, 16 mb RAM, 150 mb HDD.
    Truly stoneAge HardWare onto which I am trying to install linux. I've been searching, but most of the distros I have found are for newwer machines (they be far too big for my tiny drive) or geared solely towards trouble shooting.
    As a linux newbie I'd like a GUI (although this is not essential) as well as the abbility to run WinDoze binarys (from across a network to a WinDoze machine).

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    Re:Distro for very old Hardware.

    Slackware, I think. I know they had a distribution called Zipslack, which would fit on a Zip drive (95mb) so you may be able to install that to your hard drive.

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    Re:Distro for very old Hardware.

    Do you have a URL?

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    Re:Distro for very old Hardware.

    If it will be used as a server/router/firewall try OpenBSD.

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    Re:Distro for very old Hardware.

    No, nothing like that. Mainly it's a test to see how to go about installing and learing about linux hands on. I've always wanted to get rid of my WinDoze and replace it with a Unix variant, and I'm finaly getting around to it, but I'm going to try it in a safe box first.

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    Re:Distro for very old Hardware.

    i would go for an older distro - like redhat 5.2 which used the 2.0.20 kernel, redhat 5.2 came out in 1998 i think and i used it for quite some time - all the way up to redhat 6.2 i think...

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    Re:Distro for very old Hardware.

    PBHarris has a good idea! While it won't be very friendly it will get you very use to the command line. I have Red Hat 4.2 somewhere and can ISO it for you if you want.

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    Re:Distro for very old Hardware.

    Is it smaller than 100mb? this being my major stumbling block. I was looking at RedHat, but I couldn't find a small version, and can't cut it down myself.

    btw: ISO?

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    Re:Distro for very old Hardware.

    oh, i must have missed that little detail. you could still do it but i am guessing X windows would be tough... and running widows binaries would be really tough as you would need xwindows for wine.

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