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Thread: Watching TV on a PSOne LCD...?

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    Watching TV on a PSOne LCD...?

    So, I have a PS1 (playstation) and its got this little nifty screen to hook up. It has ur standard RCA A/V inputs... I want to take this with me on vacation and I want to see if i can watch tv on it... so, it would work if i hooked up a vcr to it and used that to change channels and such with a little antenna hooked up, but i dont wanna haul a big vcr around, so I was wondering if anyone knew of any sort of standalone tv tuner thing that existed? or any other cheap way to get to watch tv on this screen?

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    Re:Watching TV on a PSOne LCD...?

    RCA input is only for just that. Input to output. You won't be able to control anything, only use it to display whatever is pluged in. Just like a TV with RCA in.

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    Re:Watching TV on a PSOne LCD...?

    I think what he meant is an external tuner with rca output. Similar to how they make stereo tuners that are seperate from the amplifiers (although most are together as receivers). I haven't seen one, and I imagine they'd be hard to find. You might want to subscribe to Jameco's catalog. It's free and has all kinds of electronic stuff. The site isn't hard to find.

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    Re:Watching TV on a PSOne LCD...?

    I gotcha.

    My bad. ;D

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    Re:Watching TV on a PSOne LCD...?

    I havent seen one, and I can guess the lack of market would be the reason. However, I am sure that a local Uni student in EET would be more than happy (for a fee of course) to design one for ya.

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