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Thread: Troubles with IDE Channels

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    Troubles with IDE Channels

    I bought a MSI K7 Turbo 2 moboard and when I got it installed, it only recognized devices on the first channel. (Bios is auto auto).

    I took the Board back (3 times) and even got a new processor from AMD (Power Surge) The 3 returned boards have been installed in other systems and sold working just fine.

    I have switched motherboard, ram, cpu, video cards, sound cards, power supply. Devices from the working ide channel removing the cable and pluging it into the second one. Switching cables, ensuring that pin one is to the red strip etc.
    Jumper settings on the devices.

    Anyone else ever seen this? Gremlins are obviously running through my system. The only thing I can think of is that perhaps the case is hosed up.


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    Re:Troubles with IDE Channels

    What are you putting on the 2nd channel? When you put some on there, are you only putting one drive on there set to "Master"? If you are, and it doesn't show anything. What is the hardware you are using, what is getting plugged where, and what wattage is your PSU?

    BTW. Did you ever try a BIOS update at all?

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    Re:Troubles with IDE Channels

    try using cablse select. I have noticed more and more devices having problems when forced to a master/slave jumper setting. Dont ask me why. That is the solution I have found that works best and most easily.


    Connector Connector Connector
    Mobo Slave Master

    The middle is slave and the end is master. And set all devices to Master select.

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