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Thread: mandrake files for bankruptcy!

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    mandrake files for bankruptcy!

    mandrakesoft, the owners of mandrake, has filed for bankruptcy in france. they were my favorites, the easiest to use, i could install mandrake when RH wouldnt install!
    i will miss them

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    Re:mandrake files for bankruptcy!

    Just because they filed for Bankruptcy protection does not mean they are going out of business. United Airlines for example (unfortunately ;D )


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    Re:mandrake files for bankruptcy!

    I haven't used Mdk for a couple of years, but I still hope they can stay afloat for the sake of choice.

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    Re:mandrake files for bankruptcy!

    I have to say, this really upsets me. Mandrake was my first intro into Linux, beginning with version 7.0. Mandrake made linux accessible to a brain dead newbie like me, even back then. They have continually improved the distribution and it has become more accessible to newcomers since. I would REALLY hate to see Mandrake be no more. I hope they can recover from this and continue on. I would like to see them continue to expand and add to the user-friendliness that they have pioneered. I know that if they do go down, the code will live on since it is GPL and someone else (hopefully) could continue this distro. I would rather that not happen though. I hope Mandrake recovers from this and continues pushing user-friendly Linux, as they have always done. I would miss Mandrake greatly, even though I don't use it anymore.

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