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Thread: New mobo / proc

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    Re:New mobo / proc

    [quote author=Lovechild link=board=3;threadid=6164;start=0#58656 date=1043593619]
    hehe, at least you got free kleenexs

    Indeed, all is not lost! ;D

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    Re:New mobo / proc

    [quote author=PK link=board=3;threadid=6164;start=0#58650 date=1043565671]
    [quote author=Schotty link=board=3;threadid=6164;start=0#58628 date=1043522171]
    again check the ATX connector. It may be the problem. The wires get loose and start to work themselves out. IIRC its a purple wire that controls whatever is missing. I had the same thing occur on several boxes at work.

    You're talking the power to the mobo right? My old mobo works fine with it, so unless it's a connection on the mobo that wouldn't be it. For now I'm using my old mobo though, so that I can actually do stuff

    Well now I would say that I am probably wrong. If the old board gave ya shit now, it would be a definite.

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    Re:New mobo / proc

    Sounds like when I fried my nicest 486 mobo (Can that go in a sentence???)

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