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Thread: Need your software knowledge

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    Need your software knowledge

    Some friends and me were thinking on start our own company on building servers for small companies, so we need a lot of information on programs like im servers, ldap servers and backup software, any ideas???, it doesnt have to be linux only as some small companies only have WinNT/2000 servers but it has to be low priced software (250$ max).

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    Re:Need your software knowledge

    Apache, runs on Linux, *BSD, and I think most Microsoft Operating Systems. MySQL, open source database backend. Umm .... you can find tons OSS products to run on your server just get some cheap hardware free( as in liberty ) software and the rest is your time and effort. That's as cheap as I can think of.

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    Re:Need your software knowledge

    [quote author=Gaenya link=board=13;threadid=6163;start=0#58463 date=1043289762]
    so we need a lot of information on programs like im servers, ldap servers and backup software, any ideas???,

    Well Jabber does IM, OpenLDAP does ldap. I can't think of any backup software off the top of my head but is a very good place to search for linux software. Google will also help you if you need documentation.

    Just to socomm's comment, will do server side scripting (Usually used in conjunction with Apache and MySQL).

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    Re:Need your software knowledge

    I got Apache,PHP and MySQL on the top of the list ;D, as i said before the server arent always Linux as some companies have Windows server, and the Jabber daemon isnt running that good on windows so i need another option for IM.
    Keep the ideas comming

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    Re:Need your software knowledge

    You could use IRC as the IM system using a local ircD. Heck, you could even use a nice front end that looks just like an average IM client. If you want a quick software package has a closed source and easy to set up system for purchase.

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    Re:Need your software knowledge

    There is also comercial jabber which might suit a buisness better.

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    Re:Need your software knowledge

    For a free network backup software have a look at amanda. It can do backups of unix hosts and windows hosts using samba. A commercial product that comes to my mind is arkeia. I'm not sure about what's on the price tag, though.

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