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Thread: RH8 & GNOME CD Player

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    Re:RH8 & GNOME CD Player

    Do other sounds work on the system?(e.g. MP3s)

    If not then it might be a problem with your soundcard not being set up right.

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    Re:RH8 & GNOME CD Player

    [quote author=TLF link=board=1;threadid=6159;start=0#58500 date=1043334999]
    Everything is up all the way. Nothing muted.

    The volume slider on the front right of the Gnome player is all the way up.

    I also have a 2nd cdrom(burner) in the computer. CD"s won't play from there either. All cables are hooked up. I've gotta be missing something.

    Looks like I'm almost out of options.

    Okay, it's a boring night offshore where I'm off-shift... I'll give it a go. (I'm no expert, mind you, but I might just blunder-a$$ my way into an answer for you.)

    If you have ready access to the back of the CD drives in question, check this: Are there two similar-looking places to plug in an audio cable? One of these will be a Digital Audio output already alluded to by Ryan. If your audio cable is there, try moving it over one socket to the analog output.

    You have two CD inputs on the sound card you are using, or are you using a Y-cable to tie them together? Try unplugging one and see if you can get the other working by itself (sometimes those "separate" inputs are the same, just different shapes to accomodate different cable ends, and both being plugged in at once can do some wierd stuff.)

    Oh, and if you're using KMixer, check the tab at the top and see if you are using the tab for your configured sound card...(KMixer can support more than one card at a time.) Don't know if the Gnome mixer has this feature right off the top of my head, but it might be worth checking there, too, especially if your motherboard has a built-in sound card you're not using... you might be turning up the volume on the wrong card.

    Oh, well, gotta get on some paperwork I need to have ready for work in the morning. Talk to you all...

    Later On,

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    Re:RH8 & GNOME CD Player

    Do you have KDE installed? If so, you probably have the KDE cd player installed (KCD or something like that). Try going into KDE and playing a CD using KDE's CD utility. If it works, it's a gnome cd problem. If not, it's your linux Shitty beets, man. I always hate to see a new user soured by something stupid like this. Hope it all works out for ya. I myself just gave RH8 a shot, and I'm loving it so far.

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    Re:RH8 & GNOME CD Player

    I type kscd from a term window and get this:
    CDTEXT ERROR: GET_FEATURY_LIST(0x46) not implemented or broken. ret = -1!
    CDTEXT INFO: GET_FEATURY_LIST(0x46) ignored. It's OK, becose many CDROMS don't i
    mplement this featury
    CDTEXT INFO: try to read, how long CDTEXT is?
    CDTEXT INFO: CDTEXT is a 95 byte(s) long
    CDTEXT INFO: try to read CDTEXT
    CDTEXT ERROR: READ_TOC(0x43) with format code 0x05 not implemented or broken. re
    t = -1!
    CDTEXT INFO: free_cdtext_info() called

    Player opens and looks like it's playing sound.
    I'll just have to live with it I guess. Everything else works great.
    Thanks for the help. I'll be around.

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    Re:RH8 & GNOME CD Player

    I've got a quick question for you (forgive me if I don't make any sense, it's really late, I'm typing by the light of my monitor and I'm typing one handed since my baby is sleeping in my arm): what sound chip do you have? If you don't know, reboot into Windows and check under Start>Settings>Control Panel>System. Once you have that you can modprobe for that chip. If you need help with the last part give us a shout and we"ll help. My guess is that your sound module isn't loading.


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    Re:RH8 & GNOME CD Player

    Sound Card: Ensoniq 1370

    Windows and RH see's the Ensoniq 1370 sound card.

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    Re:RH8 & GNOME CD Player

    Hrmmm...maybe see if you can't get it working in XMMS. If you select Options->preferences and configure the cd audio plugin, then play the mount point set in the plugin settings, it will play the cd. Just a's worked for me when nothing else has.

    NOTE: To open xmms, go to the Gnome menu -> sound and video -> audio player

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    Re:RH8 & GNOME CD Player

    No dice. I'll just have to live with it.
    Thanks anyway

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    Re:RH8 & GNOME CD Player

    [quote author=TLF link=board=1;threadid=6159;start=0#58501 date=1043336490]
    OK, the burner has a head phone jack. I put a music CD in the burner, it auto picks up. I plug in the head phones and I hear music. I know this points to the cable not being hooked up but it is and it works in windows.
    Any ideas?

    Still nothing out of the computer speakers. only the head phones.

    I located a thread somewhere regarding the fact that WInXP now has the ability to read CD audio over the IDE cable.

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