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Thread: The Not So Magic Touch

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    The Not So Magic Touch

    has this ever happened to anybody, your moving around your PC, not even considerably enough to jossle parts out. maybe you just touch the case and the system freezes or turns off. it has happened to me once or twice, on seperate pcs. is this some kind of static shock reaction or something. anyone experience these oddities?

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    Re:The Not So Magic Touch

    Yeah. I know someone like that. He has some storng electromagnetic field inside his body. A little stronger than usual. Says that his Grandmother had the same problem that she couldn't wear machanical watches. It's very odd, but cool in a way.

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    Re:The Not So Magic Touch

    I think most likely it's just that one of the expansion cards came out a little. I've had hell with AGP cards, as have others. They have to be perfect or the machine will act dead.

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    Re:The Not So Magic Touch

    I've had the exact same thing happen, no clue why but it has stopped me from moving my box when it's on

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    Re:The Not So Magic Touch

    I had that happen to me before. It turned out that that PC had metal touching metal at some part that was causing the problem. (shorting it to reboot)

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    Re:The Not So Magic Touch

    I have an asus board and It would turn off when moved or something moved around it.. But I came to find out it was a short..

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