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Thread: USR hardware modem / SuSE 8.1

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    USR hardware modem / SuSE 8.1

    This is a repost -- in my haste to do the post at the library over my lunch break, I was bit undefined regarding the subject and to which subforum I should post.

    Here it is again:
    I just loaded SuSE 8.1 on my computer. I have a BioStar VIQ motherboard with an AMD 1800 processor.
    The SuSE distribution has KDE 3.0 desktop; SuSE system info is: Optimized for i586, Kernel 2.4.19, glibc 2.2.5, gcc 3.2, Boot manager GRUB (or Lilo).

    I bought a new US Robotics modem for my computer because I had upgraded the motherboard and such and my old ISA card modem would not fit any longer. My new modem is US Robotics Performance Pro 56K V.92 -- Model 5610B. It is supposed to be a hardware modem and the installation guide says that it should be an automatic installation if working with Linux 2.3 or later -- which I am.

    When I go to the YaST2 interface to configue the modem, it says at the top window: Configure Modem, available modems are: Other (not detected).

    Why isn't my modem detected? What do I do to get the modem detected and configured? I don't have much experience or knowledge in changing scripts or config files, but am willing to try if someone could give me easy instructions.

    Just need some help!!!!
    BTW SuSE Tech Support could not help me on this.

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    Re:USR hardware modem / SuSE 8.1

    i know this has been helpful to a few people
    Modem PET

    and oh yea - i deleted the post in tech support, if the PET does not help let us know!

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    Re:USR hardware modem / SuSE 8.1

    Thanks for the reference.

    I will remember that for the future. I actually had gotten the problem resolved before I was able to view the post.

    I did a rmdir on the modems directory and then did a complete reinstall of Linux. This time when I reinstalled Linux and clicked the option to have all of KDE installed. I guess only portions were installed.

    As I went through the installation process, I had the chance to configure the modem -- success! Don't know which of the three things I did actually caused Linux to recognize the modem, though.

    Now I need to get the CD drives working -- but I put that in another post.

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