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Thread: mouse problems in RH8

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    mouse problems in RH8

    Hey all,

    Ok, newbie here...

    I installed Redhat 8 out of sheer frustration with the *other* OS. I've read elsewhere that Redhat 8 is not quite ready for the desktop.....which leads me to believe that their plastic-bag-for-a-brain imitations won't quite last the distance. - but what do i know.i'm a newbie.

    I had no probs during the installation - well,ok - i didn't install the bootloader on the MBR, and had to go about adding linux to XP's bootloader - bugger.

    one small question : how for the life of me can i get my Logitech Firstmouse+ mouse to work? it is detected as a 2 button serial mouse....which it isnt't...

    It is, a 2 button + wheel mouse...originally PS/2. , but since my aged m'board didn't have a PS/2 port, i used a converter, and now it's connected to the serial port.

    How do i get RH 8 to lighten up to this fact? also, i tried changing the mouse, and then i couldnt get the mouse to work at all...any ideas? how do i get the mouse to work, once i change the detected settings?

    further, ( yea, it's a long post..but help a poor guy out, will ya ? ) 1024*768 gives a horrible do i change the ref. rates? i know you can do it in the display option in gnome somewhere..but...but....i did, and then , my monitor just wouldnt display XP, i can use 1024*768 @75 Hz...

    Help , please.....

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    Re:mouse problems in RH8

    You might try using xf86config to edit your mouse settings. I'd try to have the program see your mouse as an imps mouse and then instruct it to see the mouse on /dev/ttys0 (I think imps is the correct mouse type and I think that /dev/ttys0 is where the first serial port is located).


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    Re:mouse problems in RH8

    What stryder said ;D

    If you dont mind, try posting the /etc/X11/XF86config file. But here goes a stab at your problem anyway...

    The XFree86 configuration file is actually quite simple, even for tasks that are not quite so easy to make happen behind the scenes. The fellas that made XFree did a nice job for us morons ;D To keep it simple, X needs to know what device you are referencing (such as mouse0), what driver to make it use, and any special things that it should do (like override driver defaults, change a behavior such as making a 2-button mouse act like a 3 button mouse).

    For example, here are my mouse & trackball settings for my computer. I have renamed the mouse0 and mouse1 to more usable names. So if you choose to do so, please make sure that EVERY location is corrected. Otherwise X wont work quite right ;D

    Section "InputDevice"
       Identifier   "LogitechOptical"
       Driver      "mouse"
       Option      "Device"      "/dev/mouse"
       Option      "Protocol"      "ExplorerPS/2"
       Option      "Buttons"      "7"
       Option      "ZAxisMapping"      "6 7"
    Section "InputDevice"
            Identifier      "Trackball"
            Driver          "mouse"
            Option          "Device"                "/dev/ttyS1"
            Option          "Protocol"              "Microsoft"
            Option          "Emulate3Buttons"       "yes"
    The ZAxis remapping command is for mouse wheels. The +/- axis change is technically a button, so it gets a button name in X. For wheels to work that needs to be present. Now, for you, you should be able to copy what I have and use that with only needing to change the /dev/ttyS1 to S0 (as stryder mentioned above). Now I do not have a Microsoft Trackball, its a generic/Mitsumi IIRC. However thats the name of the protocol.

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