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Thread: FreeBSD Video problems

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    FreeBSD Video problems

    Let me start off by saying that this is my second time using FreeBSD. Just this evenning I downloaded FreeBSD 5.0RC3. The install went smoothly I installed the X-Developer package this comes with the latest X-server( which works perfectly fine under linux ). My system setup at least the the part pertaining to the graphic interface goes as follows:

    Video Card: SiS 630
    Video Memory: 8192k
    Monitor: LE-500
    H-Sync: 30-69
    V-Sync: 50-120

    I've been through the whole FreeBSD handbook even setting the values by hand. Also done the whole startx chore and all that results is a long message that displays a long error. I'd be very grateful( greatful? ) if anyone would help me.

    Thanks in Advance.

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    Re:FreeBSD Video problems

    Still gotta reply the same. What is the error you are getting starting with the (EE)??

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    Re:FreeBSD Video problems

    Thanks for the help I've got it to work network and xserver up and running I'm a happy camper. No sound yet but im sure I'll have that up very soon thanks again.

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    Re:FreeBSD Video problems

    Right on man! Congrats! Let us know when you are ready for the sound. ;D

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    Re:FreeBSD Video problems

    And let us know your impressions of 5.0.

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    Re:FreeBSD Video problems

    Wow ports! What else can I say. Not having seriously used *BSD before this is one of the features which impresses me the most. I will post some impressions later in the weekend once I have invested some serious time into FreeBSD.

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    Re:FreeBSD Video problems

    Wait until you recompile the kernel. You love that if you have ever compiled a custom Linux kernel b4. Very very easy.

    5.0 is the best IMO. Not sure if the latest 5.0 "noname" is much better than 5.0 rc2 though. :P

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    Re:FreeBSD Video problems

    FreeBSD is a great UN*X variant. The kernel configuration is made very easy. Just about every other aspect of the OS can be configured via sysinstall which is an app that allows you to install, configure and tweak the xserver, add users/groups, and alot of other tasks. I find that I spend alot more time in the command line as oppose to the XServer alot more so than on linux( RedHat, SuSE, et al ). This is great since the FreeBSD command line is very flexible. One of the aspects which I found particularly appealing is the ports collection. This is a great way to keep your system upto date without the dependecy nightmares this still exist but not to the extent of RPM's for instance say that you have software x and said application depends on y library ports will download the library( if at all possible ) compile it and install it then continue to install app x. FreeBSD 5.0 RC3 ( RELEASE this is not the stable branch but it is more than usable ) has some draw backs when it comes to the desktop( think RedHat 7.3 ). It comes out of the box with KDE 3.0.5 which if you tried any of the latest releases is somewhat lacking. Also comes with GNOME 2.x.x I dont use it much so I cannot shed much light on that subject. Sadly it does not come with mozilla which I had to download via the ports collection( took good chunk of my morning since I run a rather old processor ). Also it does not come with sound support ( correct me if I'm wrong ) but once recompile your kernel you can add/remove just about any feature that you like. All and all I enjoy FreeBSD alot more than Linux the kernel configuration is alot more intiutive the ports system is great ( better than rpm in my humble opinion ) and has support for linux binaries so that you wont be missing out much on any of the linux only apps. ^_^! thats my impression on FreeBSD hope some one found it informative or entertaining.

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    Re:FreeBSD Video problems

    Socomm, I agree to a point, but would like to correct the misconception about RPMs that you have. RPM deps that are giving grief can usually be attested to having v1 of a lib and haveing various apps needing it. You go and grab an app that wants v2 of that lib. You cannot upgrade, since the deps are there. People generally stop and whine about RPM. What is needed is not an upgrade of that lib v2 RPM, but an intstall. IE:

    sudo rpm -Uvh libv1.rpm
    sudo rpm -ivh libv1.rpm

    The first will generally fail, whereas the second will generally succeed.

    But as for FreeBSD, its cool. I like ports for what it is -- a really nice source/binary acquisition tool that for the most part can resolve dependencies rather well. And it is about as UNIX like one can get. In fact isn't it considered a real UNIX?

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    Re:FreeBSD Video problems

    Yes it *is* UN*X but it cannot be called that for copyright reasons. As far as I know some of the first releases where actually based on the AT&T code but since then it has changed so much that it on longer has any of that code. And as far as RPM vs ports vs deb vs setup.exe go they all have their weak and strong points ( some more than others ) it's all a matter of taste.

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