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Thread: HPUX11 xstm problem

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    HPUX11 xstm problem

    Allrighty guys and gals. I have a question. I am trying to run the Display exercise test in XSTM running HPUX 11. I am running this on a Hp744 single board processor in a vme chassis. The Display itself is a flat panel monitor running at 1280X1024 at 72 hz. Dont know the actual monitor type itself, but I can find out. The problem is XSTM starts running the Graphiti Graphics exercise test, but then stops with no real info. Has Anyone gotten this to work?

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    Re:HPUX11 xstm problem

    I have never touched an HPUX box, but this is a trick I like to try when I cant figure shit out. Pipe the output to a file. Generally the program dumps some sort of info into the file. Perhaps that may help. Other than that I am clueless ???

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