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Thread: UT2003 questions

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    UT2003 questions

    I'm going to buy UT2003 soon but I'd like to know a few things before I do.

    1) Does UT2003 under Linux require you to have the cd in the drive while playing? Or does the whole thing run from the hd

    2) Any benchmarks on UT2003 under windows vs under linux? I'd be interested in finding out about that (Has to be the same hardware though ;-))

    3) Does it really hog the bandwidth? CS was playable when I connected at 52kb (I'm on dialup) but any lower and I couldn't really play it. I'm wondering if dialup is going to be enough to play online. (I wil mostly play it on LAN but might try it online if I get bored)


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    Re:UT2003 questions

    1. No it does not require the CD to be in.

    2. Haven't tried on Win, but I can say that Linux handles the game really damn well!

    3. After playing online, I didn't see much network activity in GKrellM from ut2K3.

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    Re:UT2003 questions

    Thanks KK

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    Re:UT2003 questions

    Hey, as for benchmarks, I dont have one handy, but linux was a bit smoother for me. And also take note, that the demo had the weakest texture pak that UT2003 ships with. There are in some cases 6 (may be 7) levels of quality you can choose from. My computer needs an upgrade now ;D

    As for dialup :: Ill let ya know. I can try it later. I still need to d/l the patches.

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