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Thread: FreeBSD 5.0 is out

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    FreeBSD 5.0 is out

    FreeBSD 5.0 is released in 'New Technology Form' which is pretty much post-beta but pre-field tested. 5.0 has been the major striving point since 4.3. Check it out at

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    Re:FreeBSD 5.0 is out

    And order it here

    BSD Mall is great ;D

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    Re:FreeBSD 5.0 is out

    Hmmmm.... Should I? I'm so happy with rc2. Maybe I'll do it anyways. ;D

    It's still a development release, so I guess I'll be just as good with rc2.

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    Re:FreeBSD 5.0 is out

    Wicked. When I have some free time, I may try to upgrade. I wonder how much stuff will have to be reconfigured.

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    Re:FreeBSD 5.0 is out

    I upgraded the cvsup way. So far it doesn't seem all that different. The kernel is the biggest difference, and I haven't gotten a chance to browse through all the kernel options. The upgrade took a little work, but it wasn't as hard as I expected, mainly time consuming. So far I've found no bugs in it. Everything is basically how it was beforehand.

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