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Thread: UNACCEPTABLE nvidia/gtk problem

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    UNACCEPTABLE nvidia/gtk problem


    I just installed RH8.0. At first glance, it was pretty nice. A little too customized, but I could definitely get used to it. I got most of what I need up and running, but then I hit this bump that just won't do.

    I downloaded the latest nvidia drivers from Apparently they're supposed to do wonders for performance, and yes, glxgears absolutely SMOKES. Here's my big beef: GTK2 is almost unusable. All widgets corrupt themselves either automatically or whenever you try to use them. GTK1 seems to be alright (Galeon is still going strong), but GTK2 widgets (including my beloved panel, menus, and all windows) have horizontal lines going through them, or are completely black. Has anyone had this problem before? I'll try going to a previous release and see if that doesn't help, but I was just wondering if there's something I don't know.

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    Re:UNACCEPTABLE nvidia/gtk problem

    Well it would seem downgrading did the job. I'd still like to know whether anyone's fixed those problems though...the performance just isn't what it was with the other driver set.

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    Re:UNACCEPTABLE nvidia/gtk problem

    Too bad GNOME2 and the GTK2 are still in development. Are they not?

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    Re:UNACCEPTABLE nvidia/gtk problem

    i had issues with the latest nvidia drivers too and went back to the old ones, i would have X running for a while and then my resolution would switch to 640x480 - telling me i don't have enough memory. i put my vid cards amount of memory in but it still would happen. i switched back to the previous version and things are much smoother.

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    Re:UNACCEPTABLE nvidia/gtk problem

    I guess I'm the only one not have troubles with it. Although, maybe a list of apps that don't work with them could be listed would be an idea? So far GNOME2?

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    Re:UNACCEPTABLE nvidia/gtk problem

    mine seemed worse with tuxracer

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    Re:UNACCEPTABLE nvidia/gtk problem

    Really!?! With TR? Man! That's where it worked best for me. Are you guys using agpgart, or the NVidia AGP driver?

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    Re:UNACCEPTABLE nvidia/gtk problem

    i have gnome2 and gtk2 and have had them for several months now and you get the odd issue but it is usually due to interaction with pango if you uninstall then reinstall both pango and gtk2 your problems usually get fixed. i think what you may be looking at is that the order the gnome packages were installed is a little incorrect.

    as for the "new" nvidia drivers. no issues here. i have never had issues with any nvidia drivers. i did in XP before i went exclusively linux in june of last year.

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    Re:UNACCEPTABLE nvidia/gtk problem

    I've heard many people having problems with the new drivers. I fail to understand why they released them though. Surely they would have tested them before hand? All the people I've heard having problems with the new ones have had no problems with the old ones. Hope they fix the problems soon (Btw, I've heard from developers that this is actually an Nvidia issues and not a Gtk issue)

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    Re:UNACCEPTABLE nvidia/gtk problem

    I had stability problems with the new drivers too, as soon as i fired X the box frezes, so i reinstalled the old ones and the probles was solved, i tried both the agpgart and the Nvidia AGP driver.

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