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Thread: The "How Many" Poll

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    Re:The "How Many" Poll

    I should have worded the questions a bit better.

    *Linux / Linux/UNIX

    *Dual-boot Dual-boot / Other System

    FreeBSD is definatly my secondary primary if that makes any sence. It's about to become a part of my RH system via KVM.

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    Re:The "How Many" Poll

    Then yeah, I use totally *nix on my computers. I only use Windows on other people's.

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    Re:The "How Many" Poll

    hehe, why corrupt your computer when someone will do it to theirs for ya ;D

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    Re:The "How Many" Poll

    Yeah I'm fast becoming useless in the Windows world. I used to know my stuff, but I've been all about linux since I was 17 (20 and a half now). I recall signing on to LNO at about the same time as Lovechild, so I think our paths are kind of similar.

    I used to boot into windows for development (there's no linux devel at my school, so all projects have to be in windows), but now I'm taking courses where the language of choice is java, with the option of implementation in .NET. Well whaddaya know...Linux does them both VERY well. For things that are OS-specific, you can usually haggle with the prof, proposing to get it working on linux instead. Usually works if you're nice about it and use certain terms like "innovative" and "standing out" and stuff like that. I managed to convince the guy to let me write my compiler in linux that way

    I haven't booted up win2k in a good 8 months or so and am quite happy to keep it that way.

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    Re:The "How Many" Poll

    hey hey... don't ever compare yourself with me, it could be dangerous to your mental health.

    oh and I'm not batting for the other team - I've been in WinXP solely for sometime now, and I kinda like it, but it's no fun compared to Linux...

    Anyways, Gentoo goes back on my secondary HD tonight.. so I can have a desktop/development system again - XP will be used for school work, so I guess I'll have to get Visual Studio .NET installed, and OnTime RTTarget installed.

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