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Thread: The "How Many" Poll

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    The "How Many" Poll

    Just wanted to see where everybody on this forum stood in their Linux experiences, even after seeing a large jump in Windows posts. Hope that the board has been a big help.

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    Re:The "How Many" Poll

    I spend almost 50% of my time in Windows. Once I work out the kinks I'll go to a straight Linux system. That will have to wait until I buy both a printer and a scanner that are Linux compatible.

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    Re:The "How Many" Poll

    I wish I used linux as my primary system but I don't... I do have a dual boot machine but I also have a dedicated box as my server box... with more to come!!!

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    Re:The "How Many" Poll

    I have two systems mine that runs nothing but Linux and then one for my wife who likes windows still trying to get good enough with linux to get her to change over.

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    Re:The "How Many" Poll

    My main home system is multi boot, with Slackware, Debian, Win98 & Winxp. I also have an IBM Thinkpad with dual boot.

    I mostly use Linux but need the windoze for the family and work related issues.

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    Re:The "How Many" Poll

    all linux here even at work i am getting to use it more.

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    Re:The "How Many" Poll

    I dont hail to the flag of Satan.

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    Re:The "How Many" Poll

    I have Linux and Win98 dual booting, but only use win98 for games, everything else is Linux.

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    Re:The "How Many" Poll

    2 Linux boxes at home, 1 WinXP box to log into company VPN
    1 XP box at work, 1 Linux WebServer at work

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    Re:The "How Many" Poll

    All Linux all the time !!!!

    Been a Linux user since I was about 17-18 (going on 21 and several moons on this planet), the last 2 years(or there about) I've been 100% Linux, it grew quickly on me

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