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Thread: exporer problem...

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    exporer problem...

    Once my my friends has windows xp. He did have Mandrake for a couple of months like it but missed windows.

    He called me and told me that last night he was downloadng some music and that all of a sudden he got some exporer error messages and now is not able to enter control pannel and other places.. Thinking it was a virus he got Norton Antivirus but it didnt detect a thing..

    I told him to download a copy of the newest ie but no luck.. Anyone got any ideas what could be wrong...

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    Re:exporer problem...

    Try system restore....or boot into Safe mode and look for any suspicious looking things. I had the same problem not to long ago.

    If you want, you could always format too =)

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    Re:exporer problem...

    What should I look for? other than something suspecios... Any idea?

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    Re:exporer problem...

    Try the Windows Update first? Does a world of good. :P

    Oh wait. You said, downloading music from Explorer? Like mp3s that are not suppose to be downloaded? If so, he probably got the errors (actually warnings) saying that he/she needed to supply proper ownership of the CD. Another lovely thing about XP (If that's not it, download an mp3, and try to play it in Media Player). ;D

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    Re:exporer problem...

    Well he couldnt figure it out and reinstalled it... thanks for the help anyways...


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