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    Hey All, Has anyone joined I am not sure if it's worth the 20bucks. Site seems slow and I don't think that they can offer all they claim. Does anyone have any stories, good or bad?

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    I just checked out the site. I wonder how they can legally offer all these copyrighted movies, music and games for $20. They also fail to mention if this is a one time charge or a monthly fee. Something smells fishy here.

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    I agree, the first thing that threw me off was how it says 'cracks'. What type of company is going to offer cracks? This must be bull. If it sounds too good to be true it prob is too good to be true.

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    Any product that boosts testimonials praising the product like it's the best thing since sliced bread makes me wonder..

    It looks like a con to me, I doubt that it's legal.

    another thing, their stats look UNREAL.

    Users On-Line

    You mean to tell me that +4 million people paid for this without them even having a notice about the legality of the service or for that matter any other kind of information on the network... there's NO information on that website other than "we share an unreal amount of data and the speed is high", these likely fake testimonials agrees with the company.. it's great.

    This SCREAMS con to me... I highly doubt it's anything more than vapor.

    I did a little quick research, google turns up nothing but spam on various other filesharing networks' mailing lists... I've yet to find a single actual user say ANYTHING about the service.

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    Whois Lookup:
    WWW Corp.
    Edward Jones
    4578 Tampa Rd.
    Tampa, FL 34684
    Phone: 727-987-3235
    Anyone registering a domain name with a free email account is very, very suspicious. The website is very lame, lacks essential information like contact us. Stay away!

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    wow!! 2 hours after lovey was there there are still exactly 4,238,237 users there.

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    Still 4,238,237

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    [quote author=pbharris link=board=14;threadid=6044;start=0#57494 date=1042142307]
    wow!! 2 hours after lovey was there there are still exactly 4,238,237 users there.

    What can I say... We pretty much busted them.. the lack of information plus cloverms lookup info kinda give them away as frauds.

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    Something else:

    Music Files Shared: 442,297,532
    Movies Shared: 174,233,202
    Files Shared: 832,649,291
    Size Of Database: 4,231,293 GB
    That gives an average size of 3MB per file. The 174,233,202 movies alone should give rise to a database size of ~102,089,700 GB (avaraging the size of one movie at a modest 600MB).

    And now look at the page source and you'll see that all those numbers are indeed static ;D

    Nice try...

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    i looked them up on whois and called them and their number is no good...


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