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Thread: BeOS lives again. maybe

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    BeOS lives again. maybe

    Found this on OSNews, I never used BeOS but this looks SO cool, I'm definately getting the developers edition... I mean 59$ is a bargin, a steal even.. if for nothing but to look at those beautiful Window decorations the newest screenshots as... mmmm...

    What does everyone think of this?

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    Re:BeOS lives again. maybe

    I say go for it. I used BeOS R4.5..2 and R5 for quite some time and found it to be very cool, especially for multimedia stuff. At the time hardware support was pretty weak though. The original BeOS was developed near where I live and as I understand it most of the original Be team now work for Palmsource (the people who make PalmOS).


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    Re:BeOS lives again. maybe

    BeOS is a cool OS. The only downside is that it feels so empty compared to Linux/BSD but it's mainly because of it's interface (more old-style Mac OS like). As an OS it kicks major butt ... it's fast, it's stable, and it's easy!

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    Re:BeOS lives again. maybe

    I wish I had a chance to use BeOS, but maybe this will fulfill my needs. I agree LC. It looks excellent!!!

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    Re:BeOS lives again. maybe

    I saw BeOS in action a while back it looked REAL good and stable... I knew there was an open source version of it but I didn't think that yellowTab was it, maybe it got sold to yellowTab or something... who knows... It would be cool to see it stay and become popular! Of course not more popular than Linux ;D

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    Re:BeOS lives again. maybe

    I was sent BeOS 4.5 and BeOS 5.0 Pro upgrade from one of the guys at Original CD's, manuals, boxes, etc. I gave the thing a try and wrote a review on it on my site. Pretty good. All of my hardware worked fine.

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    Re:BeOS lives again. maybe

    ooo baby, its good stuff! ;D a true blue beos user here for the past 2~3 years...look out for a full and completed release of OpenBeOS later this year...for now, enjoy Zeta!

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    Re:BeOS lives again. maybe

    [me=C++PHREAK]is in love with BeOS[/me]

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    Re:BeOS lives again. maybe

    Looks promising, if i had more cash i'd probably give it a shot. I attempted installing BeOS on my machine a few months ago, but my ati rage 128 was unsupported, so I didn't leave it on for long, can't do much with 640x480 greyscale. :-\ Once OpenBeOS hit's a big release I'm definitely gonna give it a shot. BeOS looks pretty damn sweet, and from what I could tell in my limited experience with it, it's quick.

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    Re:BeOS lives again. maybe

    You don't get it, this is OpenBeOS in commercial packaging, OBOS was never mean to have a distro like release, we will develop the kernel, the API and the applications, but the packaging will be handled by guys like Yellowtab and their Zeta package.

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