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Thread: SETI@home group!

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    Re:SETI@home group!

    i just noticed something mildly funny while browsing the SETI groups:

    27) Linux9172300551 3035.275 years11 hr 33 min 27.6 sec
    28) Microsoft123722925102680.530 years10 hr 14 min 33.6 sec

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    Re:SETI@home group!

    I have set a couple machines loose crunching for seti again
    My Athlon XP 2400+ w/ 256 meg ddr ram and dads PIII 866 w/ 256 megs sdram.
    Guess which machine goes faster?
    My athlonxp has done three units and dads box is still at 20 % on it's first.. Granted, his box is running Windows....

    But it's nice to be back in the swing of things.
    Now, once I write that script to install seti on all the machines at school, my numbers may top yours by phenomenal amounts

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    Re:SETI@home group!

    did you ever read that part about "don't install on machines you don't own" or something like that..
    what are they running?

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    Re:SETI@home group!

    Has anyone here use the screensaver ??? ??? also where can I get it ??? ???


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    Re:SETI@home group!

    hehehe I just run it on tty1 on a headless box...
    Screensaver is for windows, you configure it as such...

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    Re:SETI@home group!

    woohoo i'm now on the team how many here still use seti and how long do you leave it on for ???

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    Re:SETI@home group!

    I use it and I leave it 24/7...

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    Re:SETI@home group!

    [quote author=countach44 link=board=22;threadid=6094;start=0#msg77453 date=1074997750]
    I use it and I leave it 24/7...

    me too

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    Re:SETI@home group!

    Actually, I start it on tty1, I'm wondering, what would my inittab look like if I wanted it to run in place of agetty on tty6?
    I made a script that runs it from within the directory, /sbin/seti

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    Re:SETI@home group!

    Here is a few year old post I have here :

    I am in a good mood this morning (which is to change abruptly, when I goto work)

    Here is my way of automating CLI mode software. I will demo GAH and Audiogalaxy.

    First we start the software up at boot time. I use a script to load it a specific way here. I tell /etc/inittab to load it and dump the output to ttys 10,11,12

    # Audiogalaxy Startup
    10:2345:once:/audiogalaxy/init >/dev/tty10
    # Genome@Home Client software
    11:2345:once:/gah/ghc1/init >/dev/tty11
    12:2345:once:/gah/ghc2/init >/dev/tty12
    Next we do the actual scripts.

    cd /audiogalaxy
    ./AGSatellite-static 21
    cd /gah/ghc1
    Simple eh?

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