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Thread: Who do you know?

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    Who do you know?

    Do anybody here know anybody else that use Linux?

    I don't know anybody personally that use linux. They're all windoze luvers! :

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    Re:Who do you know?

    They are very very hard to find. Unless you like to barge into people's houses and look in the basement for a frank-bocks, you'll probably be out of luck. Other ideas are LUGs, but what I've found is that it seems that there is a golden rule to running a LUG. "1. Be a Debian/LibraNet Zealot and flame anyone who doesn't use it religiously". I found a couple here, but one had been using it longer than me, but had never compiled I single tarball in his life (Someone explain that to me) ??? Others I've met have rather installed in once, used it for a week or so, claim they know it, or run a dual-boot with a 2-5GB partition aside for Linux, and only boot into it to look 31337 (Even though their system doesn't even work). Your experiences of meating Linux people will probably be much much better, at least I hope so.

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    Re:Who do you know?

    I've met some people at college that use it, but none of my close friends do. I got one friend to try it and another is curious about it, but no one has stuck with it. Oh well, that's their problem.

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    Re:Who do you know?

    I have a very good friend who runs his web and mail servers on Linux, who dual boots SuSE and NT, and who's job makes him run RedHat on a laptop.

    But most of my friends and coworks just think of me as "that Linux nut".

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    Re:Who do you know?

    Yeah, none of my friends use it. I tried but they all got bored of it. Although I have recently discovered that my GF's brother uses it. He doesn't even dual boot.

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    Re:Who do you know?

    [quote author=Kernel_Killer link=board=13;threadid=6093;start=0#57864 date=1042623424]
    I found a couple here, but one had been using it longer than me, but had never compiled I single tarball in his life (Someone explain that to me) ??? [/quote]

    hehe, I know a few people here like that

    yea, lemme see. My teacher friend, my brother, one friend, another is installing tonight...So, just a few...

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    Re:Who do you know?

    I've had a few friends try it, but none have really stuck with it, I have one friend though who seems to quite like it for server usage but he hasn't managed to (successfully) install it at home yet.

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    Re:Who do you know?

    i dont know anyone close who personally uses it. in high school i knew like 5 kids who used it, 3 of them were script/packet kiddies who thought they knew everything and crashed our school server twice. another kid uses it, but also runs macs and windows, i dont really know him i just know he uses it. then the other kid claims he uses it but i think he *used* it, and doesnt anymore he runs a mac. since coming to school i dont know anyone who uses it. All the teachers here like CS teachers claim they try to use it, in fact just yesterday my CS teacher talked to me saying he installed gentoo and thought it was awesome and he told me thank you, i dont know why he thanked me i didnt do anything? lol.
    my 2 of friends tell me "linux is shit, WinXP does everything theres no reason why you need it, its harder to use, theres less compatibility in both hardware and software/games". yet whenever i run linux they both think its cool and ask about it all the time. they flame it to hell but then drop their jaws and applaud, but they still use winxp religiously :

    i admit i use windows *alot* i probably will never get rid of it entirely, because it seems like something always holds me back from doing a full transfer, whether its game, or shit just plain wont work in linux, using it as a desktop is no problem for me i love linux's interface, its just damn hard and frustrating to get it running as smooth as it sounds like the rest of the linux community has it running, its like noone ever has a problem they cant fix but im stuck in the ditch.

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    Re:Who do you know?

    Two friends only.

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    Re:Who do you know?

    Nobody I know personally uses it... most of the people I know don't even know what an OS is so I just tell them they are competing with Windows. There is one guy at work though that runs a linux server.


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